The California Delta

What is this place called the California Delta? So accessible, yet a world apart from the stress and noise of daily life. Its 1,000 miles of winding waterways carry you back to an earlier, simpler life where, if you listen, you might hear the echoes of a steamboat coming around the river bend, the laughter of immigrant children picking blackberries as their Chinese fathers labor to create the levees. You might feel the same cool morning breeze bowing to a warm summer sun that has entranced visitors to this region since the Spanish Conquistadors. Look closely and you'll see its longtime residents—river otters, Great Blue Heron, or the sudden rush of red-wing blackbirds.

And Tiki Lagun is your gateway to this world. Earle Stanley Gardner, famous author and one-time Tiki Lagun resident, first recognized its unique qualities in his books about life on the Delta when he noted, "Tiki Lagun is rich in the enterprising spirit of American pioneering… warm hospitality… that desire to serve. I predict this place will be one of the most successful marinas in the whole Delta."

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